Had enough of the lies yet?

There are so many lies perpetrated by the current administration now … that people are just shrugging them off and accepting all of this corruption as the “new normal.”

I can’t… Sorry. I HATE lies! I am sick and tired of all this pussy-footing around, people striving to be “politically correct” so as not to step on anybody’s toes. That’s B.S.
Don’t you think it’s healthy to have a good RANT once in a while? This is your chance. After my rant today, I invite you to leave a comment with a rant of your own. Even if you need to criticize me, it’s OK. I believe in the First Amendment… the freedom of speech… and we all have the right to speak our mind.

The hypocrisy of the ruling party right now is unreal. I’m beside myself with frantic bewilderment. How could this be? How could our great country, America, have come to this? What? We no longer help people who are being persecuted and exterminated by terrorists who have vowed to come after us NEXT?

Inaction is just as destructive and lethal as wrong action. The Deceiver-and-Chief (no … make that Thief!) is running not only this country into the ground (as was his plan from the beginning), but the rest of the world as well.

Why aren’t any of our generals and admirals speaking up? Why aren’t our patriotic members of the Senate and Congress surrendering their “time off” during this month of August, and coming together to finally DO SOMETHING about this intolerable MESS “B O” and the “OCS” has created … and continues to smear over all our faces?

I’m disgusted, not only with the one who thinks he is untouchable and imperial and blatantly appears not to give a damn, but also I am disgusted with the people in this country who are not paying attention… who keep quiet and simply turn the other way! How can there be so much ignorance and apathy?

Right before our eyes, history is repeating itself. Genocide is happening in the Middle East and a terrible “cancer” has gripped that part of the world and it is only a matter of time before it is right at our front doors. If you think it can’t happen here, you’ve got another thing coming.

Since my last post, which was many months ago … too many things have happened that have me totally worked up. Corruption and tyranny… more lies… more officials paid off to keep silent… but what bothers me the most are how so many of us law-abiding, God-fearing, freedom-loving citizens ALLOW this to continue.

If I didn’t have this opportunity to rant right now, I’d probably explode. Come on, people, WAKE UP. Get out of Disney Land and start paying attention to what is going on around you… because if you don’t, it won’t be long before it’s too late. Then you’ll wonder, “Why didn’t we do anything to STOP it?”

Why not, indeed?