Had enough of the lies yet?

There are so many lies perpetrated by the current administration now … that people are just shrugging them off and accepting all of this corruption as the “new normal.”

I can’t… Sorry. I HATE lies! I am sick and tired of all this pussy-footing around, people striving to be “politically correct” so as not to step on anybody’s toes. That’s B.S.
Don’t you think it’s healthy to have a good RANT once in a while? This is your chance. After my rant today, I invite you to leave a comment with a rant of your own. Even if you need to criticize me, it’s OK. I believe in the First Amendment… the freedom of speech… and we all have the right to speak our mind.

The hypocrisy of the ruling party right now is unreal. I’m beside myself with frantic bewilderment. How could this be? How could our great country, America, have come to this? What? We no longer help people who are being persecuted and exterminated by terrorists who have vowed to come after us NEXT?

Inaction is just as destructive and lethal as wrong action. The Deceiver-and-Chief (no … make that Thief!) is running not only this country into the ground (as was his plan from the beginning), but the rest of the world as well.

Why aren’t any of our generals and admirals speaking up? Why aren’t our patriotic members of the Senate and Congress surrendering their “time off” during this month of August, and coming together to finally DO SOMETHING about this intolerable MESS “B O” and the “OCS” has created … and continues to smear over all our faces?

I’m disgusted, not only with the one who thinks he is untouchable and imperial and blatantly appears not to give a damn, but also I am disgusted with the people in this country who are not paying attention… who keep quiet and simply turn the other way! How can there be so much ignorance and apathy?

Right before our eyes, history is repeating itself. Genocide is happening in the Middle East and a terrible “cancer” has gripped that part of the world and it is only a matter of time before it is right at our front doors. If you think it can’t happen here, you’ve got another thing coming.

Since my last post, which was many months ago … too many things have happened that have me totally worked up. Corruption and tyranny… more lies… more officials paid off to keep silent… but what bothers me the most are how so many of us law-abiding, God-fearing, freedom-loving citizens ALLOW this to continue.

If I didn’t have this opportunity to rant right now, I’d probably explode. Come on, people, WAKE UP. Get out of Disney Land and start paying attention to what is going on around you… because if you don’t, it won’t be long before it’s too late. Then you’ll wonder, “Why didn’t we do anything to STOP it?”

Why not, indeed?


Keep Commissaries Open

What? Take away the military commissaries? Why?

Hasn’t this administration punished its military families enough? As if it isn’t bad enough the way they treat service men and women who put their lives on the line for the good of our country … cutting benefits to veterans, breaking promises, threatening to cut their pay during sequesters and shutdowns?

Come on. Our military is important. It’s not a luxury that you cut out of the federal budget. We need these people. Our security is at stake and this is the way they get treated? The government decides to close the grocery stores where base families can save a few cents, and perhaps hold a part-time job to make up for low wages?

My hubby is a Vietnam veteran and made his career in the military. It breaks his heart (and mine) to see what is happening to veterans and how they are put off, given fewer and fewer benefits, and the way the VA hospitals are so crowded and hard to deal with.

This is no way to treat those who serve, those who are brave enough to put their lives on the line … for FREEDOM!

I say NO! Keep the commissaries open. If you’re one of those people who dislikes the military, then I suggest you give some thought about your own life and the freedoms you enjoy. Who went to defend that freedom while you were griping about it?

Outraged by the lies and deceit

For weeks now, I’ve been fuming. My hubby and I have been so outraged at the lies … and the lies about the lies! So outraged that I haven’t even been able to write on this blog.

Just keeping my wits about me has been a challenge. The OCS continues to spit in our faces every day, each time appearing more flagrant and demonical, growing more overbearing and
arrogant as time goes on.

Why is it that some people in power can outright LIE and always get away with it? And when they get coerced into offering an “apology” it’s not really that … it’s just an opportunity to shift the blame.

How do you get friends and family members to open their eyes and see the Big Picture? Why are so many resisting what is so obviously a scam as the AFA (which is anything BUT affordable)? And why can’t they see that this was set up from the very beginning to be the foot-in-the-door to force our country into socialism?

Pay attention, PLEASE! It makes me so sad to see that my “happy days” of youth will not get passed on to my children, who are supposed to be in their own “happy days” right now.

But they aren’t. They are straddled with debt up to their ears and beyond … with waning hopes of ever owning their own home … and what about my grandson? What kind of world have they doomed him to when we move from America the Beautiful into the USSA?

Because I’m the kind of person I am, I don’t enjoy ranting and raving about all of this insanity. I resist confrontations. But even though it’s painful and I don’t like to do it … I need to speak out. We all do.

Even if I have friends and relatives on the Left who do not like me demolishing their misguided ideals, I will continue to do it. Why? Because if I don’t, I deserve to live (like them) in a tyrannical society, and I refuse to have my God-given rights stripped from me by people who are self-proclaimed “do gooders” and do not adhere to our Constitution.

I decide what is good for me, not the OCS.

My voice, and YOUR voice, needs to be heard.

Let Freedom Ring!!

Defunding Obamacare

At last … the House is showing some spine. I’m glad to see that our representatives in Congress took a stand and voted to defund Obamacare. Although like most folks, I don’t believe it’s going to make it past the Senate, at least members of the GOP are standing up to fight instead of giving up and going along with the status quo.

A lot has happened since I last put up a blog, and I apologize for the gap, but we have had distractions since my last posting. A three-week trip to the Pacific Northwest to find a house resulted in failure, and then returning home to lick our wounds, so to speak … but we’ve been following the goings-on with the Syrian crisis and Big O’s blunders … along with the tragic naval yard shooting in DC. More blunders!

Anyway, I’m back on track and should be blogging about once a week from now on. Often we shake our heads from frustration because our elected officials don’t seem to hear us and act accordingly. But Americans are shouting from the tops of their lungs that they do NOT want this new health care law that is inevitably, as one of its original supporters declared … a “train wreck.”

Do not for one moment believe that your voice does not count. Stand up for what you believe is right, whether you are a conservative or a liberal (I’ve been both).

Zimmerman’s not guilty — get over it

The Zimmerman trial is over … finally. But is it really?

For all intents and purposes, the justice system did what it was supposed to do. Evidence was presented by both prosecution and defense. Witnesses testified. Forensics presented its findings. By a jury of his peers, George Zimmerman was found to be not guilty of the “crime” of manslaughter in his self-defense of fatally shooting 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

In my opinion, the trial was unnecessary. It was clear in the beginning that George Zimmerman was justified in protecting himself from a vicious attack by a younger man who was stronger than he was and acted aggressively toward him.

What happened was a terrible tragedy. There is no argument there. Trayvon Martin’s death might have been avoided, had George Zimmerman not been carrying a handgun – never mind that he had a legal permit to carry. However, it is highly likely that Zimmerman would have been the one who lost his life. According to Zimmerman’s testimony, Trayvon told him he meant to kill him.

When someone has you pinned to the sidewalk, pounding his fists in your face and banging your head against concrete, I would have to believe that assailment meant business.

Young Martin turned on George Zimmerman when Zimmerman followed him, after informing police on his voluntary “neighborhood watch.” From the testimony we have a picture in our minds of the assailant on the verge of killing Zimmerman, who did the only thing he possibly could under the circumstances to save his own life.

The shooting was justified. It makes no difference whether Trayvon Martin was black, white, or any other race.

There are politicians in our government who saw an opportunity to use this incident to their advantage. Not only does their agenda include removing firearms from the hands of law-abiding citizens and repealing the Second Amendment, but they also want to create hostility between the black and white race. Never mind that George Zimmerman was Hispanic.

In order to bring the country to its knees … and change our initials to U.S.S.A. … the current administration needs division and chaos. Keep the people enraged, and pit them against one another … and perhaps they’ll take their attention away from all the outrageous scandals going on, such as the IRS targeting of conservative groups, the devastating cut to our military, not to mention the death of four Americans, unresolved and shameful, in Benghazi, or the spying on American citizens by the NSA.

Maybe if we are at each other’s throats over a contrived “hate” crime in Florida, our minds will stray from those issues that threaten to steal away our liberty and propel us into tyranny.

Now Eric Holder (the thug of the “Obama Crime Syndicate,” in my opinion) has vowed to go after Zimmerman and prove that he’s a racist. Good God! What is wrong with these people? The left wanted this to be a racist hate crime from the beginning, so they could implement a race war. It was NBC News, in fact, who “edited” the words of George Zimmerman on the phone with the 9-1-1 dispatcher, to make it sound as though he was “profiling” Trayvon Martin.

When caught, NBC’s excuse was that it was a mistake. I think most of us do not buy that lame excuse. The majority of the mainstream media were quick to jump on the story and spin it into something it was not. Our own president also jumped right in (taking sides before knowing all the facts) and made that comment about how Trayvon could have been his son. As if that wasn’t enough, they showed a photo of the victim when he was 14 years old … obviously to garner emotional response in his favor.

If riots and violence erupt as a result of the acquittal, it will be because those with the agenda have campaigned for it and sent in their people to agitate and create desire for vengeance among those who have been led to believe this was a racist “crime.”

In reality, it was a very unfortunate event that resulted in two lives changed forever, along with their families’ lives. It may even result in the collapse of a country that was once strong and united and recovering from political abuse.

Too often these kinds of things drag on and on, and nothing gets accomplished. It is more important to think about what kinds of things they don’t want us to focus on … and probably are much more critical. We need to get over it and move on. So say WE THE PEOPLE.

Independence Day for Independent Thinking

I often wonder how I would react right now to the “state of the world” if I had not gone from “left” to “right.” In other words, in the past four years I have become a conservative Independent. In the past I was simply a liberal. Of course nowadays they prefer to be called “progressives.”

If I were still one of them, would I be outraged? Would I turn my head and shrug, then say, “Oh well…”?

If I were still liberal-minded, I believe disillusionment would be my state of mind now, along with confusion, regret and anger toward leaders I helped elect – leaders whom I feel have screwed me over, along with everyone else in this country, including the ones they promised they were going to “help.”

Independence Day is being celebrated this week in our country. I felt it appropriate to champion independence and the importance of independent thinking. After all, we live in an age where we are constantly bombarded with persuasive ideas from all sides.

Brain-washing can be subtle but effective. It used to be that Communist Russia and its sister nations were the ones accused of using propaganda to steer thinking and grow the desired mindset in their citizens. When you control the thoughts of others, you can control anything.

I am outraged by $37 million of grant money B. O. is using to push Obamacare down our throats. He has taken $1 million of that to impose on California schoolteachers in the LAUSD in an effort to brainwash students into selling Obamacare to their parents. See the short interview conducted June 29 with Tucker Carlson on Fox News (http://video.foxnews.com/v/251745496001/calif-schools-promote-obamacare-to-students/). Andrew Malcolm is a columnist with the Investors Business Daily.

Look what is happening here. This is $37 million of taxpayer money. Since when did our country resort to bribing public schoolteachers to indoctrinate the minds of children in an effort to influence their parents’ political views? Do we live in Communist Russia now?

It’s beginning to look that way. When the left wants to take “God” out of the Pledge of Allegiance, this is not a good thing. When the Internal Revenue Service, coddled by the current administration, admits to targeting conservative nonprofit groups with audits in an effort to harass and intimidate them, this is not just annoying – it’s disgusting.

It’s now been almost nine months since four of our people were murdered in Benghazi, Libya, after a terrorist attack on the consulate, and no one can tell the American people the truth as to why it happened, or why our military forces were told to stand down! This is inconceivable!

Our Constitution is in danger. When the holy sacrament of marriage is desecrated by a Supreme Court that says it’s legal for two people of the same sex to marry each other, something is wrong with our system of government. It matters not to me personally if two human beings of the same gender choose to love each other. Love is beautiful no matter who is involved. I have no problem with same-sex partners being granted the same legal rights as a traditionally married couple. But to sodomize the Word of God by changing the ingredients: no longer is it one man and one woman united – this opens the door to more outlandish laws to follow, such as, for instance, multiple wives or husbands, incestuous marriages, or possibly marrying children. As absurd as this may sound, we are not that far from it, folks.

The way things are going, it’s as though some great blanket of evil has spread across the earth. I do not consider myself to be a religious person, but I am reminded of the Book of Revelations in the Bible. There are some scary scenarios in there that are concurrent with our times.

Independent views are important to all of us. Too often we get sucked in by what we hear or see on TV, while listening to the radio, or what we read on the Internet and in books and newspapers. Our thoughts are out for grabs by the ones who want to own us.

And just because you might declare yourself “neutral,” choosing to hide your head in the sand while the wicked world goes by, does not make you exempt. Even if you have opinions on one side or the other, but prefer not to talk about any of it, it does not make you “safe.”

One of my friends e-mailed me recently, full or praises because I had decided to write my political views in a blog now instead of the e-mails I sent out monthly to family and friends. “Thank you,” she wrote, “for not including your political views in your e-mails!” She then went on to brag about all the things she was doing in her life to create for herself the “perfect” world: yoga, meditation, walks in nature, etc. Her life revolves around ignoring what is going on in the world, but allowing evil to flourish by default.

There’s nothing wrong with yoga, meditation and walks in nature. We should all become more spiritual. We are, after all, spiritual beings existing in physical bodies. I also happen to believe that spirituality is the most important aspect of life. It’s why we are here.

But my point is, we can’t separate ourselves from each other when we are all of one energy. We are all in this together. We live in duality because that is what life on Earth is all about. It’s why we choose to come here, and what a privilege it is to be alive on Earth at this critical time. Never has there been so much chaos, divisiveness, conflict and violence … or the opportunity to eliminate or at least reduce it.

Despite what you think about all the ugliness and injustice going on in the world, it should not be ignored. And no matter how hard you try, it’s useless to try to bury it, believing that if you do, all will be “love and light.” The more “light” we shine on this world, the more darkness will be exposed. And when it is out in the open for all to see, things will change.

The reason I write about these issues is to expose the darkness. It’s time to face it, before it is too late. We can change it all by acknowledging its existence, making others aware, and knowing that by gaining back control of our own minds and our own lives, we can have the beautiful world we all crave.

I do not have the answers on how to fix everything. Neither do our leaders! But awareness and compassion will win out in the end. We the People have the power to prevail.

Happy Birthday, America!Image

My Grandson’s Future as an American

I have a grandson who just turned 5 years old. He is the delight of my life, and although I don’t see him very often, we enjoy quality time together. He is extremely bright and has many interests for such a young American. I’m not bragging just because I’m his granny. He really is special and I see him as the “future” of our country. One day he will grow into a solid young man who will give back and contribute to the society into which he was born.

My concern now is that events may occur in the time ahead that could stifle his potential and his ability and desire to be all he can be. I see such promise in him and then I think about the limitations he will face if our economy collapses and the security of our world goes down the tubes, due to weak government leadership and the dismantling of our military, for example.

I fear that the same opportunities my generation had will not be there for this gifted child or the many others like him who are being born into today’s world.

At 5 years old my grandson is already able to read. He has a knack for getting along with other kids his age, completely blending in from the moment they meet, and he is equally comfortable “pal”-ing around with folks in their 20s, 30s or older. He is easy going and so trusting.

I’ve seen him react to situations that evoked a stubborn side, and then a spill of sensitive tears and emotions. For the most part, though, he’s a happy child destined for a challenging future … unless things change.

How is our failing economy going to affect him? Right now he’s lucky to have two intelligent, educated parents who hold jobs and provide his needs. Neither one of his parents are working in the areas in which they were educated. My son has two Bachelors of Arts and a Master’s degree, yet he makes his living humbly … in retail. My daughter-in-law went to school to be a massage therapist, but works in a gas station at management level. She has worked her way up from a hotel maid and other menial jobs to help her husband put food on the table.

Unfortunately, these two highly qualified adults are not alone. Many of our college graduates these days just cannot find work, and student loan debt is crippling their generation.

Health insurance? My son once told me it cost too much for them to have it. I am concerned about what will happen to them once Obamacare kicks in (2014) and they are either going to have to buy some expensive plan or pay a tax penalty. It won’t be horrific the first year, but later on it is supposed to be crippling! At one time my son and his wife believed “free” health care for all was a good thing. I’m sure they went along with B. O.’s ideas of socializing health care in this country. A lot of people bought into his hype.

But it is becoming increasingly clear now that Obamacare is not the answer, nor is it the salvation of the middle class. And certainly it is a detriment to the wealthier classes of people – you know, the ones who run the businesses and hire people to work those jobs that put food on their tables?

Little did anyone realize that the health care law would actually be a ploy by which the administration is bringing America to its knees. Taxing Americans for not having health insurance is against the Constitution, and it is destroying our economy.

Worse, those in the House and Senate will not stop it. Oh, some argue against it and call it a “train wreck.” But so far all we have are words and empty talk. This is part of the administration’s plan for our demise as the strongest nation in the world. The Cloward-Piven strategy is in the works.

My grandson is going to have to bear the burden of the heaviest taxation on the American people in history. Plus he and his generation are stuck with a $17 trillion national debit that will continue to run rampant because of the greed of this current administration.

What is the solution? What will save my grandson … and your grandkids and great-grandkids? One possibility … and something we all can do … is by voting the incumbents out of office – ASAP! Forget about whether you are affiliated with Democrats or Republicans. Forget about your loyalty to one party or the other, one ideology or the other. Consider instead what these politicians have not done for you … and make it SIMPLE – vote for someone new. Do your homework first, of course, but know that fresh blood in the Legislature may be our only hope for the future of our grandchildren.