I am an American who believes in the Constitution the way our founding fathers drafted it. It was created so that all of us can enjoy our freedom in order to grow, prosper, get along with one another and be guided with moral principles. This blog is my attempt to help you stay informed about what is going on in our world. I am writing it because I truly care about humanity and the future of our children.

I feel it is our responsibility as citizens to understand what is happening. If you have been paying attention to the goings on lately in our government, then you should be outraged — as I am. If you are not paying attention, and don’t care — then I count you among the majority of our population who have been “dumbed down” and will soon wonder what happened to your God-given rights. It is time to speak out and time to act if we want to save civilization for future generations.

I write as a humble mother and grandmother who was once very much on the Left, but now have embraced a more conservative view of my world, thus the name Left 2 Rite.

I don’t expect you to always agree with me, but I do invite you to consider what I discuss in the days and weeks ahead.  We the People must take back our country and re-establish freedom for all.


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