The Critical Need for Unity

We are fast approaching the determining moment of the GOP Convention, in which the Republican nominee for President will be selected. The question on everyone’s mind is what will happen if the frontrunner is not chosen? Also, what will result if a “surprise” emerges, due to shenanigans brought into play by the so-called establishment? In other words, what if some unlikely Republican who hasn’t even been in the running is picked to be the nominee instead of those who have worked hard to campaign and collect delegates?

At this point in the race, it is unlikely that any of the three remaining candidates will have enough delegates to clinch the nomination. Following the Wisconsin primary on April 5, Donald Trump has accumulated 743 delegates; Ted Cruz, 520, and John Kasich only 143. In order to qualify to be the nominee, a candidate must have 1,237 delegates by the time the convention is held in June.

Most would agree that only Trump and Cruz have a fair shot at being chosen, since either of those two could come close to the magic number. In all likelihood, neither of them will. As for Kasich, he appears to be a spoiler and he is one of two things; either he is is too stubborn to get out of the race, knowing there is no way he can win, or the establishment has some underhanded plans for him at the convention … Kasich or some other likely member of the established GOP they would like to throw into the works at the last minute.

Most people who are interested in the GOP campaign, and the Democrat side as well, expect our nominees to be chosen by the people, through the primary and caucus channels. They expect the frontrunner, no matter who he or she is, to automatically clinch the nomination. Well, not so fast. There are esoteric rules that change every time, and the rules are rewritten and put into place one week before the convention is held.

How fair is that? Well, it doesn’t seem fair at all, does it? But it’s actually the way it’s been for decades. My personal belief is that the nominee should be chosen only from the pool of candidates who have worked very hard to run, who have spent money they’ve been able to raise (or, in the case of Trump, from his own pocket), and have devoted many months of their lives, their families and their workers, to get to where they are now. But this is more than just a popularity contest.

Never before in our US history has an election been as critical as this one. Our nation stands to lose its incredible claims to liberty, with the Constitution close to being destroyed, should the wrong party, or the wrong person, become our next president. We absolutely cannot let this happen. It is so critical that we take our country back that we cannot let further division destroy what has been created in the last two centuries.

The Left has all but destroyed the USA, and it’s frightening to witness draconian laws being proposed that our Congress and our Senate (with a Republican majority, no less) don’t seem to want to object to. Why do they continue to let Obama do as he pleases? What has happened to the power of the purse in our House of Representatives? Why, after the American people elected a Republican majority in both the House and the Senate in 2014, have the politicians rejected their electorate? They have betrayed us.

Unless we turn this around in 2016, I’m afraid all is lost. We really do need a Trump or a Cruz in office if we are to have any hope left of saving our country. An establishment candidate is just going to go along with the same old, same old, I fear. I’m even willing to guess that our Washington cabal GOP members would rather see Hilary get in, just so that they can enjoy the comforts and crookedness they are used to and want to continue.

And at what cost? If a Democrat gets in, our Supreme Court will be all one-sided with leftists and our freedoms will be extinguished. The United States of America will no longer be the country it has been. Even if Bernie gets in, and he seems to be the lesser of two evils … will our country go the way of Greece? Do we really want to be Socialist/Communist as we are headed now?

I believe the American people do care. More voters than ever have participated in the primaries and caucuses around our nation, and it is unfortunate that we have news media citing polls fifty times a day (or more), trying to persuade we the people to think one way or the other. With each day there is more division in the ranks, more backbiting, more threats to go independent (from Trump, should he lose the nomination).

No matter which of the two gets the nomination (and I sincerely hope that the process works so that either one of the top two gets it), it is vital that they unite. They must swallow their pride, both of them, and support each other. If Trump gets the nomination, Cruz needs to get behind him. Likewise, should Cruz get the nomination, Trump absolutely must support him… or we are going to implode and it’s all over, folks.

Being from Colorado, I was ticked off by the fact that I did not get a voice in selecting who the nominee will be. I am only comforted by the fact that the delegates here are choosing the person I was going to vote for. Still, it ticks me off that the people did not get a chance to have their say, and I am proud of my home state (Wisconsin) for promoting Ted (who is NOT a liar, by the way). And even though Trump has lost favor with me in the last few weeks, due to his gaffes and his divisive tactics, should he become our GOP nominee, I will unite and support him.

Why? Because the alternatives are too terrible to even contemplate.


3 thoughts on “The Critical Need for Unity

  1. All to long we people have fooled ourselves into thinking Elections were the peoples choice. What is even more important is to nominate a conservative Justice. To the left and to the right, a balance in the Court must happen in order to save what is left of our society. The left has infected our Country with entitlements not earned , values and a lack of morality all the while the right side looked in the other direction. The pendulum has fallen so fast and hard to the far left that a percussion of waves leaves us stunned. Both Party’s must must except the responsibility of what was past and forge ahead with common sense. We need to read our Constitution word for word and ask ourselves.,,Who best fits what our forefathers designed it for.

  2. Don’t ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive. -Howard Washington Thurman

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