Our First Amendment Rights

In our United States, there is a First Amendment to our Constitution that reads …

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Within the last few days, an uproar has ensued following the GOP front runner’s rallies as our country progresses in its mission to select its nominees vying for the highest office in the land, President of the United States.

Donald Trump planned on holding a rally in Chicago this past weekend that was infiltrated with anti-Trump protesters (“disruptors”), which erupted into violence and subsequently led to Trump making the decision to cancel the rally altogether … not because he backed down, but because of his concern for people getting hurt … or even killed.

As a result, the disruptors grew empowered and began shouting and bragging about having “taken Trump down.” The people soon began to see that this was most likely the result of professional community organizers (I can think of one at the top of the list), social justice warriors and low-information activists/voters who have bought into the idea that Trump stands for bigotry, racism and vulgarity.

An excellent observation was posted by somebody with the byline “Sundance” at TheConservativeTreehouse.com, which brings up the idea of a conspiracy on the part of global elitists, the mainstream media (including… yes, sad to say, our beloved Fox News…) and GOP establishment members who are so ticked off that Trump and his movement are sweeping the country that they have resorted to possible desperate measures to stop him.

These measures include joining up with fascist organizations such as MoveOn.org and taking advantage of young people who have not studied their history or their civics … which, by the way, is really through no fault of their own, as our public schools have pretty much decided those subjects are no longer needed. Bill Ayers’ name was mentioned as well, a college professor friend of Obama’s who, with his wife, admitted they were responsible for bombings in anti-government operations (Weather Underground) in which people were killed. Naturally, they got away with it.

For months I have been too afraid (for lack of a better word) to write on this blog. But the time has come to speak out and be afraid no longer. I am exercising my First Amendment right, whether you agree with me or disagree with me politically … it makes no difference to me.

I will be honest with you, I would not have voted for Trump had Colorado held a primary for Republicans. (And that is another issue I need to address.) My first choice is Ted Cruz. Yet, I am sympathetic to Trump and his mission, and I am critical of anyone who immediately jumps to the conclusion that The Donald is “evil” because he has the courage to say what he feels, even though some find it offensive. He is certainly not perfect … are any of the candidates perfect?

But look what we’ve got in the White House right now. Just look at the traitors we voted into Congress and the Senate, who promised us they would fight for us and start to reclaim our values and set things straight. We have been betrayed, pooped on, and they are rubbing our noses in it. I once trusted people like Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio and scads of others I thought were on my side. In most cases, their actions go against their rhetoric.

Meanwhile, a Socialist (Communist leaning) is vying for the Democratic ticket against a deceptive, lying criminal who has blood on her hands (Benghazi) and is part of what people call the Illuminati. Beware, those of you on the Left … and do not be deceived again just because you want to brag that you voted somebody into the White House who has a vagina. That’s no reason!!

I am ABC (Anyone But Clinton), and would sooner see Bernie get in, even though it would not help us in the long run. If a Conservative does not get into the White House, I believe we are all doomed. And if it’s Trump who prevails, I will support him. He appears to be the blue collar billionaire with his appeal to hard-working Americans (and NOT just white-skinned).

The current administration has accomplished much of their mission in dividing this country and inciting hatred, mostly on the side of the underprivileged, darker-complected people (not all of them, of course). We have watched our military being brought to its knees by downsizing, punishing them by taking away their (cost-of-living) COL raises, spitting on our veterans, demonizing our law enforcement … and breeding plenty of resentment not only in college grads who can’t get a job to pay back their outrageous student loans, but the elderly (again denied a few dollars increase on Social Security) and increasing taxation and Draconian laws that threaten to slash our freedoms (mostly First and Second Amendment rights).

The good news I see is this! With the Trump rallies bringing out the rabble rousers and the establishment and elites feeling so threatened, the people (WE, the PEOPLE) are growing stronger and starting to speak out more and standing up for our RIGHTS. We are growing stronger and the establishment just cannot believe it. They will lose in the end because we are Americans who believe in liberty and abolishing tyranny as we did in the Revolutionary War.

Before closing, I need to voice my beef about being denied my right to vote in the Colorado Republican Caucus. We signed up as Republicans when we registered to vote after moving back to this state, for the explicit reason that we wanted to have a say in who becomes the GOP nominee. But when we attended the local caucus, we learned there wasn’t going to be a vote for the presidential race.

Get this … we were told that it would be left up to the 37 or so delegates at the State Convention in June! In other words, they get to choose who they think should be the nominee and not what we, the people, think! We were so disgusted that we are now going to turn our affiliation back to being Independents.

My kids are probably appalled by my words because I suspect they are on the side of the deceptive Left, believing those people stand for social justice and “equality,” without being able to see the BIG PICTURE. Believe me, a Socialist/Communist government in America is not what our Founding Fathers had in mind … and it is not going to strengthen this country’s citizens, nor empower them, nor enrichen them. Think HIGH TAXES! (Do you want to pay 90% to a corrupt government of everything you earn with more restrictions and laws than you ever deemed possible? More crime? More limitations? Not to mention national security … which I’ll save for another day.)

Wake up … and you’d better do it NOW. Don’t believe me? Do your own probing … do your own soul searching. Above all, ask for the Most Benevolent Outcome. I am.


2 thoughts on “Our First Amendment Rights

  1. Our country is being run by opportunists who are taking advantage of the lazy Americans who are too stupid or so naive, maybe both, to believe that their constitutional rights can not be taken away. Our country’s founders did a good job establishing this great nation. But, to maintain the American success it takes active participation by our citizens to be aware of the policies of those running for office and voting for those who will keep the American Dream alive. We are a country that can produce great personal success through competition. Socialist folks believe competition is evil and all citizens should be equal in all means.

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