Let’s Call It What It Is … B.S. is Bullshit

The following piece is by Shonagh, from her blog post (dated July 6, 2015)  on “Wisdom Unfolding.” It made my day to read these thoughts, which in so many ways reflect my own … and she has the guts to say it. God bless you, Shonagh!



by Shonagh

I have been ruminating lately on the knee-jerk response of folks who respond to viewpoints they don’t like, not with thoughtful dialogue but by simply labeling the speaker as — take your pick — racist, sexist, homophobic, negative, insensitive, anti-Semitic, conspiracy theorist, hateful, paranoid, insecure, etc., etc.

That is a form of logical fallacy known as Ad Hominem, which attacks the person rather than responds with thought and logic.

Great numbers of people are very caught up in political correctness, which in truth is cultural Marxism. It is a way of censuring free thought and open dialogue to the point where people censure themselves for fear of being labeled as such. This is about inserting ideologies into the collective that steer them toward the desired goal of absolute control over the citizenry, including their very thoughts to the point where they self-censure themselves.

Now, the work on intelligently and logically assessing a situation and endeavoring to resolve it has been effectively stymied as people fall under the spell of labels, which is a potent form of spell-casting.

This is not new and it has been percolating in this country for the better part of the last century through psychology, education, media, political propaganda, etc. I’ve noted that these days people see things as very black and white. For example, specific groups of people are perceived of as “good” and therefore beyond reproach. These are mostly people of color, women, and homosexuals. All of these people are considered to be “victims” and are automatically presumed to be inherently good.

Then we have white males who, I have noted, seem to personify the very definition of evil in modern society, especially if they are straight, educated and … God forbid, financially successful. White males have become the modern day witch. In the early rise of economic Marxism, these white males would be the bourgeoisie. The very term “white” (or Caucasian) is offensively reductionist as it cancels out all the European races that fit that category.

Today we hear “African American,” “Native American,” “Japanese American,” but you never hear “Irish American” or “Scottish American,” or even “European American.” Those many, varied and ancient races of people have been reduced to simply “white” or “Caucasian,” which in today’s collectivist society calls to mind very negative connotations.

There seems to be a very palpable scapegoating going on that is, of course and as usual, fomented by our trusty but far from trustworthy media. The idea is not new. Create an enemy among the people and get them emotionally charged and they will fight among themselves, police themselves, and most importantly divert themselves away from the movements of government and its increasing levels of control over a populace that is steeped in ignorance of its own history and the tenets of law (which is not the same thing as “legal,” by the way).

Situations are created like the church burnings and countless shootings that our media portrays endlessly, further stirring the pot of racial tensions. Well, I call bullshit on all of this. I do not see these as natural occurrences. This is the oldest trick in the book. I see these events as pre-planned by a government that seeks to disarm and ultimately destroy the fabric of a nation that once stood for freedom from tyranny.

We are ALL victims of a rapacious system of control that has cornered us into corporate debt slavery through the implementation of the Federal Reserve and the IMF. Our country has been infiltrated and undermined by the banking elite for well over a century. That is not “conspiracy theory.” That is fact.

In creating scapegoats among the people, those who are suffering turn on others within the system rather than the real perpetrators who are actually running the system and profiting off our collective suffering.

Let’s get something straight right now. The government is not your friend. The UN sure as hell is not your friend, and the WHO is not your friend either. The media most assuredly is not your friend. Democracy is not your friend. Democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding what to have for dinner.

Every founding father on this country warned us against democracy, which ultimately leads to communism and that is exactly what we are experiencing today. Well, I am here to tell you that there is a way out of this, and it will not come through voting in a Democrat or Republican or Green Party representative, or a Pleiadian or Buddha or Jesus.

It is time to re-educate ourselves about what a Republic is. It is time to extricate ourselves from this system, which is PUBLIC, and bring ourselves into the PRIVATE, where we are not supporting a fraudulent system of deceit through registration, licensing and taxation.

It is time to claim ourselves in the public as very much alive rather than agreeing to be surety to the fiction of the “all caps” name we see on every “bill,” license, passport, birth certificate, mortgage, etc. You think that name is you? It most assuredly is not. It is an entity created and owned by the state.

This is about holding the feet of the corporate overlords to the fire rather than falling under the fallacy that the problems of the world are somehow our fault when multinational, earth-raping corporations like Pepsi, Monsanto, Cargill, BP, Hi Crush and U.S. Silica Holdings, etc. could turn the tide of destruction tomorrow with simply a change of mindset.

This little newsletter is far too small to go into how one extricates oneself from the matrix and puts an end to multinational corporate control of Earth’s people. That said, I can recommend a few ways in which to get started to educate yourself. We need to know who we are. We’re not that “all caps” name. We’re not corporate fiction (as in “citizen”). We are noble people of indescribable power and potential, and we have been allowing a societal construct not of our making to dictate to us what we are worth and what we are limited to.

Read through the list of legal maxims found in the back of Bouvier’s Law Dictionary. Maxims are principles of truth that are consonant with logic and reason, and they are the very foundation of law. If you know your maxims, you can begin to call back your power.

There is an excellent book that I have read more than once called Fruit From a Poisonous Tree by Melvin Stamper, JD. It explains what is going on within the system we have been supporting unwittingly. You can find it on Amazon and possibly as a PDF on line. It is very readable and illustrates the point effectively.

Shall we hit the multinational corporations where it hurts? Learn about commercial liens. Contractors know how to put a lien on a customer who doesn’t pay. That’s the microcosm of the macrocosm. What if a group of people got together and put a commercial lien on the CEO of a multinational corporation that was destroying the earth? (It has to be put on an individual and it has to be done in the private as opposed to the corporate courts, which are not designed to give you remedy, by the way.)

This is done without lawyers, who in actuality work for the corporate courts — not you. Hire a lawyer and you are deemed non compos mentis. Here is an excellent guide to the process:

What if we cancelled out the rifts between the races, which have been used by those in power to keep us divided, and came together as human beings to confront not each other but the real perpetrators in the form of our corporate government and their elite banking family bosses?

Racial harmony is their worst nightmare and it will be their undoing if we band together and realize we’re ALL slaves to their new world order global agenda of surveillance and absolute control.

It’s time to properly educate ourselves and break the spell of collectivist indoctrination that many of us have been under. The truth is not always pleasant, but only when we can SEE can we make the proper corrections and right the wrongs that have been perpetrated for far too long.

We can create heaven on Earth. Human beings are NOT a cancer. We are NOT a scourge. We are NOT a virus. We have been spellbound to an old agenda of control, trickery and deceit, and it is time to wake up to the brilliance of our humanity and take back our power from the parasitic forces of deceit that are luring us into a New World Order that has nothing to do with what we perceive of as “oneness.”

The pen is mightier than the sword. Knowledge is power. Begin to see the spell and the doors of providence will open to guide you toward truth and right action. There is no time like the present to rise to the occasion and utilize our fine minds and good hearts if, for no other reason than for the sake of our children’s future.



Shonagh Home is an author, shaman and spell breaker, who takes her students beyond the cultural mass-trance and into the territory of the sacred. Her muse is Mother Earth, her benevolent guide and teacher. Shonagh works with both individuals and groups to break the spell of their paradigm and awaken inner knowing. She shares mystery teachings about the magic of the body, the reclaiming of ourselves as True Human Beings, and our ability to engage with the technology of nature. She teaches workshops that are deeply transformative, helping people to release from old behavior patterns and access a wealth of inner resources. She teaches in the Pacific Northwest and around the country. You can learn more about Shonagh by visiting her website at 







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