You may have wondered why it has been so long since my last entry.

Disgust … disappointment … despair are certainly not acceptable excuses, in my opinion.

After the November mid-term elections, I had an inkling of hope. However, it soon became apparent that there were too many self-serving politicians running our government who were not willing to step forth and help this country.

Where is the backbone? Where is the desire to set things right? I applaud Louie Gohmert for having the spine to stand up and encourage others, besides himself, to vote for somebody more competent in Congress to be House speaker.

Even though there were only 25 brave politicians, it didn’t matter. Boehner remains House speaker, and it’s unlikely — in my opinion — that anything is going to change.

And that’s such a shame after the American people have chosen change. They’re probably not going to get it. In fact, I really don’t see any hope for this nation and I’m beginning to believe it’s no longer our country.

Do we even have a voice anymore? If we do, no one listens. What good is freedom of speech and voting, for that matter, if the same corrupt individuals continue to stonewall our will?

I have so very much more to say, but I’m keeping this brief on purpose. Ranting really doesn’t help.

One thing I will mention, however, is the number of letters I get from readers (of my publications) who are convinced that we are living in the midst of some horrifying conspiracies. I keep an open mind when I hear about such things as contamination from the nuclear disaster in Japan, or concentration camps set up to imprison patriotic citizens, or the plan of the Elite to turn us into a one-world government. Someone even suggested to me that children born after 2006 had the mark of the devil (unless they were born at home).

I don’t believe in any of these ridiculous conjectures. Anyone can write anything they want, put it up on the Internet and get plenty of sheep to believe it. So much is reported that is not backed by facts.

Now, with that said, I’m going to hold back my thoughts on current events, including the NYPD assassinations of late, for another time.

It’s going to take a little longer to get past the despair I feel and the disappointment in those with whom we’ve put our trust.

Let me lick my wounds a little longer …


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