Keep Commissaries Open

What? Take away the military commissaries? Why?

Hasn’t this administration punished its military families enough? As if it isn’t bad enough the way they treat service men and women who put their lives on the line for the good of our country … cutting benefits to veterans, breaking promises, threatening to cut their pay during sequesters and shutdowns?

Come on. Our military is important. It’s not a luxury that you cut out of the federal budget. We need these people. Our security is at stake and this is the way they get treated? The government decides to close the grocery stores where base families can save a few cents, and perhaps hold a part-time job to make up for low wages?

My hubby is a Vietnam veteran and made his career in the military. It breaks his heart (and mine) to see what is happening to veterans and how they are put off, given fewer and fewer benefits, and the way the VA hospitals are so crowded and hard to deal with.

This is no way to treat those who serve, those who are brave enough to put their lives on the line … for FREEDOM!

I say NO! Keep the commissaries open. If you’re one of those people who dislikes the military, then I suggest you give some thought about your own life and the freedoms you enjoy. Who went to defend that freedom while you were griping about it?


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