Zimmerman’s not guilty — get over it

The Zimmerman trial is over … finally. But is it really?

For all intents and purposes, the justice system did what it was supposed to do. Evidence was presented by both prosecution and defense. Witnesses testified. Forensics presented its findings. By a jury of his peers, George Zimmerman was found to be not guilty of the “crime” of manslaughter in his self-defense of fatally shooting 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.

In my opinion, the trial was unnecessary. It was clear in the beginning that George Zimmerman was justified in protecting himself from a vicious attack by a younger man who was stronger than he was and acted aggressively toward him.

What happened was a terrible tragedy. There is no argument there. Trayvon Martin’s death might have been avoided, had George Zimmerman not been carrying a handgun – never mind that he had a legal permit to carry. However, it is highly likely that Zimmerman would have been the one who lost his life. According to Zimmerman’s testimony, Trayvon told him he meant to kill him.

When someone has you pinned to the sidewalk, pounding his fists in your face and banging your head against concrete, I would have to believe that assailment meant business.

Young Martin turned on George Zimmerman when Zimmerman followed him, after informing police on his voluntary “neighborhood watch.” From the testimony we have a picture in our minds of the assailant on the verge of killing Zimmerman, who did the only thing he possibly could under the circumstances to save his own life.

The shooting was justified. It makes no difference whether Trayvon Martin was black, white, or any other race.

There are politicians in our government who saw an opportunity to use this incident to their advantage. Not only does their agenda include removing firearms from the hands of law-abiding citizens and repealing the Second Amendment, but they also want to create hostility between the black and white race. Never mind that George Zimmerman was Hispanic.

In order to bring the country to its knees … and change our initials to U.S.S.A. … the current administration needs division and chaos. Keep the people enraged, and pit them against one another … and perhaps they’ll take their attention away from all the outrageous scandals going on, such as the IRS targeting of conservative groups, the devastating cut to our military, not to mention the death of four Americans, unresolved and shameful, in Benghazi, or the spying on American citizens by the NSA.

Maybe if we are at each other’s throats over a contrived “hate” crime in Florida, our minds will stray from those issues that threaten to steal away our liberty and propel us into tyranny.

Now Eric Holder (the thug of the “Obama Crime Syndicate,” in my opinion) has vowed to go after Zimmerman and prove that he’s a racist. Good God! What is wrong with these people? The left wanted this to be a racist hate crime from the beginning, so they could implement a race war. It was NBC News, in fact, who “edited” the words of George Zimmerman on the phone with the 9-1-1 dispatcher, to make it sound as though he was “profiling” Trayvon Martin.

When caught, NBC’s excuse was that it was a mistake. I think most of us do not buy that lame excuse. The majority of the mainstream media were quick to jump on the story and spin it into something it was not. Our own president also jumped right in (taking sides before knowing all the facts) and made that comment about how Trayvon could have been his son. As if that wasn’t enough, they showed a photo of the victim when he was 14 years old … obviously to garner emotional response in his favor.

If riots and violence erupt as a result of the acquittal, it will be because those with the agenda have campaigned for it and sent in their people to agitate and create desire for vengeance among those who have been led to believe this was a racist “crime.”

In reality, it was a very unfortunate event that resulted in two lives changed forever, along with their families’ lives. It may even result in the collapse of a country that was once strong and united and recovering from political abuse.

Too often these kinds of things drag on and on, and nothing gets accomplished. It is more important to think about what kinds of things they don’t want us to focus on … and probably are much more critical. We need to get over it and move on. So say WE THE PEOPLE.


2 thoughts on “Zimmerman’s not guilty — get over it

  1. I agree, let’s get on with our lives. Too much time was wasted on this one unfortunate death. Why can’t more time and effort by our law enforcement and justice system be put to better use on the horrible murders that occur everyday in the country? Let’s get past this race issue excuse every time something like this happens. I’m tired of citizens of this country referring to themselves and others as “hyphenated-Americans”. You’re either an Amermican or not an American. Let’s ban the use of “hyphenated-American”. The fracturing of America along race lines is only aggravated by it’s use.

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