My Grandson’s Future as an American

I have a grandson who just turned 5 years old. He is the delight of my life, and although I don’t see him very often, we enjoy quality time together. He is extremely bright and has many interests for such a young American. I’m not bragging just because I’m his granny. He really is special and I see him as the “future” of our country. One day he will grow into a solid young man who will give back and contribute to the society into which he was born.

My concern now is that events may occur in the time ahead that could stifle his potential and his ability and desire to be all he can be. I see such promise in him and then I think about the limitations he will face if our economy collapses and the security of our world goes down the tubes, due to weak government leadership and the dismantling of our military, for example.

I fear that the same opportunities my generation had will not be there for this gifted child or the many others like him who are being born into today’s world.

At 5 years old my grandson is already able to read. He has a knack for getting along with other kids his age, completely blending in from the moment they meet, and he is equally comfortable “pal”-ing around with folks in their 20s, 30s or older. He is easy going and so trusting.

I’ve seen him react to situations that evoked a stubborn side, and then a spill of sensitive tears and emotions. For the most part, though, he’s a happy child destined for a challenging future … unless things change.

How is our failing economy going to affect him? Right now he’s lucky to have two intelligent, educated parents who hold jobs and provide his needs. Neither one of his parents are working in the areas in which they were educated. My son has two Bachelors of Arts and a Master’s degree, yet he makes his living humbly … in retail. My daughter-in-law went to school to be a massage therapist, but works in a gas station at management level. She has worked her way up from a hotel maid and other menial jobs to help her husband put food on the table.

Unfortunately, these two highly qualified adults are not alone. Many of our college graduates these days just cannot find work, and student loan debt is crippling their generation.

Health insurance? My son once told me it cost too much for them to have it. I am concerned about what will happen to them once Obamacare kicks in (2014) and they are either going to have to buy some expensive plan or pay a tax penalty. It won’t be horrific the first year, but later on it is supposed to be crippling! At one time my son and his wife believed “free” health care for all was a good thing. I’m sure they went along with B. O.’s ideas of socializing health care in this country. A lot of people bought into his hype.

But it is becoming increasingly clear now that Obamacare is not the answer, nor is it the salvation of the middle class. And certainly it is a detriment to the wealthier classes of people – you know, the ones who run the businesses and hire people to work those jobs that put food on their tables?

Little did anyone realize that the health care law would actually be a ploy by which the administration is bringing America to its knees. Taxing Americans for not having health insurance is against the Constitution, and it is destroying our economy.

Worse, those in the House and Senate will not stop it. Oh, some argue against it and call it a “train wreck.” But so far all we have are words and empty talk. This is part of the administration’s plan for our demise as the strongest nation in the world. The Cloward-Piven strategy is in the works.

My grandson is going to have to bear the burden of the heaviest taxation on the American people in history. Plus he and his generation are stuck with a $17 trillion national debit that will continue to run rampant because of the greed of this current administration.

What is the solution? What will save my grandson … and your grandkids and great-grandkids? One possibility … and something we all can do … is by voting the incumbents out of office – ASAP! Forget about whether you are affiliated with Democrats or Republicans. Forget about your loyalty to one party or the other, one ideology or the other. Consider instead what these politicians have not done for you … and make it SIMPLE – vote for someone new. Do your homework first, of course, but know that fresh blood in the Legislature may be our only hope for the future of our grandchildren.


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