Welcome to Left 2 Rite’s Blog

I’m excited to finally begin this new platform of expression. Why? Because I have a lot to say about our world and what’s happening in it.

I’m talking about how we live and especially how some people who are our so-called leaders have gone about things in a way that is manipulative and … okay, I’ll just say it: corrupt.

I love life and I love being alive on Planet Earth. I am an American and I believe in the Constitution the way our founding fathers drafted it and made it so that all of us can enjoy our freedom and be able to grow, to prosper, to get along with each other, and to be guided with moral principles and liberty for all.

Lately things have gotten shaky. The strength and vigor of the United States of America has grown weak. As our bureaucratic government has expanded to monstrous proportions and is bloated with power, corruption has infested its core. Most of the citizens have been “dumbed down” through various means, to the point where many of them haven’t a clue that they are being controlled and that their rights are being swept away from beneath them.

My purpose for starting this new blog is to bring to your attention the many injustices and downright lies that are being thrown at us. These are lies that any thinking, intelligent citizen should be able to recognize as B.S. Unfortunately, many in our society have lost the effectiveness of their B.S. monitors. They no longer can tell the difference between the truth and the lies.

Sadly, the mainstream media in this country — with the exception of perhaps one network that attempts to be “fair and balanced” in its reporting — has been infected with O-bama-noma and can no longer be a trusted source of valid information.

I have a confession to make. In 2008 I voted for our current president. For many years before that, I considered myself to be a liberal and, for the most part, I automatically voted Democratic. In 2008 I cast my vote for B. O., even though I didn’t prefer him. Certainly if I had known then what I know now, I would have voted for McCain, whom I actually liked.

But at that time the thought of any Republican in office was a turn-off to me because George W. Bush had been a disappointment in many ways. Today I have to admit that “W” seems like a saint compared to the current leader of our nation, and there are many reasons why I think this way, which I will discuss in future blogs.

I didn’t care enough years ago to be informed. I am not making excuses for myself this late in the game, but I was preoccupied with a terminally ill husband, and a Disney Land mentality in which I believed peace would happen overnight once B. O. became president.

There was so much hype about him being the new hope and great change, and everyone hungered for change and better days ahead after the Bush and Clinton years. No one thought back then that today we would remark that “those were the good old days.”

Never mind that the candidate from Chicago had very little experience, other than “voting present” in the Illinois Legislature. Information that spread across the Internet included a questionable birth certificate (Hawaii? Kenya?), along with Islamic ties. However, these were squashed as rumors in bad taste, not worth looking into because … damn it, it was time we had a black president.

Have we forgotten that B. O. is as white as he is black? Race differences aside, it matters not what color he is. What he is not is a leader. What he is not is truthful.

He has done nothing, from what I can see in the last five years, to improve this nation or the world. Instead, he has and is continuing to run our country into the ground. His actions prove to me that his agenda includes socializing this country by ruining it economically, using class warfare and uncalled-for racial excuses. His goal is to redistribute the wealth by stealing from those who have worked hard to earn it and give it to those who want everything for free without offering anything in return.

I am ashamed, being an intelligent American citizen, the mother of three and a grandmother, to have made the mistake of voting for this man. Once I started paying more attention to current events, I grew increasingly appalled at what is happening to us in this country. And it is affecting the planet.

Those close to me see me as soft-spoken, shy, reclusive and laid back about a lot of things in life. I have always had the philosophy of “live and let live.” Not one to carry a grudge, I am not a vengeful person. When I have been wronged in any way, I might be able to forgive … but I do not forget.

It is because I care that I have started this blog. I care about the human race, about the world we live in, about animals, the environment, our spirituality, and I don’t want to see our civilization destroyed. The path we are on is destructive and could be devastating with our current leadership.

Our Constitution is being desecrated and our rights violated. The future for our children and their children is being robbed from them with increasing taxation and “in your face” laws that try to dictate every facet of our lives and our actions. Soon it will be impossible for any of us to make any choices or decisions about ourselves or our families or our communities. We can’t let this happen.

How can we stop it? What is it going to take to make the pendulum swing in a more balanced fashion? How can we restore our country to the home we remember that is strong, secure, prosperous, respected and morally balanced? Will we ever have peace on Earth?

I think it’s going to take a lot more than we are doing now. People have turned into Sheeple. The bombardment of information and means to communicate it through the technology that exists now is the means by which those in charge are “dumbing us down” so that we no longer care what is on the news. Ignoring the problems will not make them go away. Some may believe meditating and “holding the light” will work miracles. Although I don’t object to these kind of practices and have even participated in them, they are merely “feel good” tools and don’t really fix the problem.

The most important thing you can do is stay informed. Know what is going on, and if you are confused or don’t understand something, tap into that great universe of flowing information — the Internet — and be open to other views before you make up your mind.

It is our responsibility as citizens to understand what is happening in our world and to act accordingly. We have representatives in government who are supposed to listen to us. Write to them or call them. Often they will not listen to their constituents and will advance their own personal agenda, but … when that happens, we have the power as citizens to vote them out of office.

My introductory blog is longer than I want my normal blogs to be. I invite you to come back and read more. My intention is to write three blogs a week. I look forward to your thoughts as well.

Left 2 Rite


3 thoughts on “Welcome to Left 2 Rite’s Blog

  1. Good job “Left 2 Rite”. It’s time to change the dirty laundry and vote the ones who want to take our personal freedoms and our hard earned money through excessive taxes out of office. I am tired like you of our government handing out entitlements to those citizens who feel they have a right to take government handouts because they believe that governments should assure that the wealth of it’s citizens is spread evenly to all. What has happend to the American ethic of prosperity through hard work? I hope that you continue to write about some of the following, term limits for elected office holders, a simple fair taxing system with no exemptions that can be explained on less than one hundred words, and how we promote positive Americanism and Free Enterprise, the real generators of economic wealth and prosperity for the world. We can regain the respect in the world today if we go back to our roots that are embedded in our Constitution. These were inspired freedom seekers who gave us this document. If we disregard and misinterpret the founders intent, we as a nation are going topple and fall to tyranny and eventual collapse. Keep the good work.

  2. Just for the record, I take great exception to your sweeping castigation of the mainstream media. I have dedicated the past 25 years of my life to the tenets of news gathering with accuracy, integrity and balance. Over that quarter-century, I rarely if ever have come across a professional journalist who purposely skewed a news story in the interest of advancing some ideological agenda. That’s not to say bias does not creep into news reporting, but one must take into account that the news is reported by human beings, a fallible species. I certainly hope that this blog’s assertions of fact will be based on credible sources that will be identified in the text. A talk radio entertainer is not a credible source, nor is a television pundit. This is a big problem with Internet commentary — much of it is not founded on verifiable information. Of course, where does one find this credible information when the mainstream media “can no longer be a trusted source of valid information”? Where, then, will you turn for your credible information? News reporting is an expensive enterprise. The mainstream media employ thousands of trained, experienced reporters who fan out across the world to obtain firsthand information about the issues and crises of the day. Few individuals or organizations outside the mainstream media have the resources to dedicate themselves to such an endeavor. As a result, most of them resort to commentary, speculation and other theorizing based on . . . what? It’s rarely made clear where they get their information.

    The sweeping generalization has become the go-to technique of today’s political blogger of whatever persuasion. But what’s really happening beyond the hazy confines of the blogosphere is rarely so simple. The world is a complicated place — more complicated than ever before. I would suggest that it’s vital, to advance the worthy cause of civilized political discourse, to be a thoughtful observer, not a flame-thrower.


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